Why are our pieces called Bodmer and Catlin?

Karl Bodmer and George Catlin were artists of The American West of the 1830's and were recorders of a more untrammeled America where they captured the essence of the North American Continent. Their beautiful journalistic paintings have provided the imagery for Cold River Furniture designs and the simplicity depicted through their virgin landscapes is the inspiration for Cold River Furniture's indelibly North American style.

Peter Maynard recently stated. "I look for meaning in our modern world through pursuing the craft of transforming the hardwoods of our magnificent American forests into the finest of handcrafted furniture. I want to bring a sense of reverence for the natural world in the hopes that it resonates in our day-to-day lives. This is why I use 'Bodmer' and 'Catlin' to describe my two design styles."

Here are a few of Peter Maynard's favorite examples of their work.